Paragliding in Khajjiar – See the valley with an eagle’s view.

Paragliding in Khajjiar – See the valley with an eagle’s view.

The Paragliding Experience :

Just the thought of soaring 2000 meters above ground is exhilarating, imagine your thought transform into reality. That’s the thing which these Northerners provide. For those having Acrophobia, you have two plus points.

1) You won’t be flying alone, there will be an instructor with you all along.

2) The journey won’t last for more than 2-2.5 minutes, but once Air-bound you’ll forget all your fears and just wish that the journey lasts forever.

You’ll have a run of about 10-15 meters and before you can think of anything, you’ll be soaring in the air, 2000 feet above, the 150 feet trees beneath you, won’t appear that much big.

View of Khajjiar
Mesmerizing view

The experience of chilly fresh air slightly kissing your face and ruffling your hair, would be a moment which you’ll never forget throughout your life. Beneath you, you’ll witness snow covered fields expanding for as long as you can see and you’ll also be able to have a look at Mount Kailash with its ever lasting peak and standing stoic as ever.

For those 2-2.5 minutes, words like Tension, Dead-lines, etc won’t dare to cross your mind. Just cherish that moment because once down, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to share your experience with your peers. It’s not that “You Don’t Want To”, in fact you would die for your friends to hear your tale but, it’s more of “You Won’t Be Able To”. The specialty is, some things can’t be told, they just need to be experienced.

While landing or mid-air you might experience some bruises due to bad landing. But you won’t feel the pain. You will want to take that scar as a souvenir of your trip. Just to remind you that you Jumped from a deadly height pumping up your Adrenaline. Even in the future, this experience will surely give you Goosebumps. So do visit this heavenly place called Khajjiar in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh and share your experiences with us.

When you become flying bird

How to reach :

To reach this beautiful destination also coined as the “Mini Switzerland Of India“, all you have to do is hail a cab, bus or any convenient means from Dalhousie. Even better if you are having your private vehicle as you can enjoy the scenic beauty all the way to Khajjiar. Not just the place, the route in itself is a must-have experience. The narrow roads, mountain on one side and breathtaking valley on the other. Even better if the region is snow clad. For that, you need to visit in the months of November-February. The summer experience is also fascinating. But for those who are bound to Southern and Western regions, for them, my advice is to visit in the above specified months.This is just because you won’t be able to enjoy the snow clad regions in your hometown. It’s just a 24-25 Km ride from Dalhousie and will take nearly 1-1.5 hours to reach there.


Precise Location :

Upon reaching Khajjiar and after enjoying the scenic beauty and are ready for your Paragliding experience, amble to the central area where you’ll come across many localites. They all are involved in the same. You don’t even need to initiate a conversation with them, they’ll come to you. Have a chat with them, and here’s a bonus tip, if you are more in number, negotiate about the prices and you’ll surely get a discount. You’ll have to pay for advance but you can trust on their word for their service. Then after they’ll take you straight to the location.


The Last Journey :

Finally give your valuable belongings to your acquaintances and proceed with the localites to your final destination. It’ll be a half-hour drive and further half hour climbing by foot (which you’ll curse on every step, but trust me, the experience is worth your Endeavour). Once you reach on the top, grab your breadth, and just enjoy the majestic beauty for couple of minutes. Don’t hasten things up, you might have many predecessors, watch them have their experience, and then proceed when you are called upon by a representative. If, however, you want to take a video of your paragliding, then ask your representative for it. Not all, but some of them will be carrying a Go-Pro video cam, resembling a selfie-stick. Above all, listen to the instructions very carefully, a little courtesy won’t do any harm 🙂


View from far


Price For Paragliding :

The main cost for your Paragliding would be nearly 1200 Rs. (This price is based on the data belonging to 2016.) However, you can always negotiate if you are more in numbers. Then after, why just experience it once? Capture this legendary moment and take it with you back home in the form of pictures or video. For video it might cost around 300 and for photograph it is nearly 200. You need to talk about it with your instructor. You can take your video using Go-Pro camera, which will be provided to you by the instructor. If, however, you want pictures, there is a guy at your landing site captures the pictures of every individual. He takes pictures of every individual, then it’s up to you whether to but it or not.

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