Best Things To Do in Dalhousie

Best Things To Do in Dalhousie

Check out the things to do in Dalhousie.

Dalhousie is famous for its scenic tourist attractions like the Dainkund peak and Pancha pula. You can also visit Kalatop and Khajjiar which are spectacular places to see. Dalhousie has some great adventure activities to offer with paragliding being the most popular one.

              The joy of walking and feeling the body advancing ‘like a man alone’; the fullness of feeling alive. And then happiness, before the spectacle of a violet-shadowed valley below the beams of the setting sun, that miracle of summer evenings, when for a few minutes every shade of colour, flattened all day by a steely sun, is brought out at last by the golden light, and breathes. Happiness can come later, at the guesthouse, in the company of others staying there: people met there, happy to find themselves together for a moment through chance. But all of that involves receiving.”

  1. Trekking (Hiking) : In Dalhousie People often comes for trekking…Many trekking camps organized during winter time for snow trekking..Dainkund is the most famous trek for hiking because in Dec-jan time it fully covers with snow.If you want to choose small trek than trek of Jot to Dainkund is adviceable which is 7km.

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  2. Paragliding :If you are a adventurous person , you love to do exciting things during your Tour. Than Paragliding is the must do thing for you in Khajjiar. During your ride you might feel you are on heaven.And also screaming out of happines and breathtaking view you see from the top.It is approx 2/2.5 min ride ,they also provide recording of your ride with amazing go pro camera.Extra charge for that.
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    Accordings to visiters paragliding is the most adventures things to do .All must have do once in life.

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  3. Horse Ridding : If you are afraid of doing Paragliding at Khajjiar. Than this would be the better option for you.You can simply  enjoy ride on the horse and see whole Khajjiar lake.Cost of Horse Ridding is approx 300 per person. Bargenning is possible.
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    horseridding at Khajjiar
  4. Campfire : Campfire is the integral part of the Trekking camp or Mountain trip.It gives you the amazing pleasure.Because the night become chilled , fire is hot and you feelling joy , fun  and making tons of memories with your group.You can enjoy campfire by doing various activities like singing , dancing , playing punishment games.
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    campfire with group

    If you are having trip with your family and you have to enjoy campfire.No worry ,talk with local person about it and they will arrange things for you.

  5. Shopping : 

    Shopping in Dalhousie is another activity tourists like to include in. There are various traditional bags, shawls, and handicrafts you can choose from.Gandhi Chowk is the main shopping areas here. Tourists can find good, traditional bags, dolls, handicrafts, and purses. At some emporiums you will find fairly priced shawls. A good collection of Tibetan carpets and handicrafts can be purchased from Tibetan Handicrafts Refugee Centre. Shops remain open from 10 am till 7 pm and are closed on Tuesdays.

    Mystic boat cruise is another way of exploring the beautiful hill station.



Shopping area
Dalhousie Market / GandhiChowk

 Best time to go Dalhousie is March to June for its natural beauty and for trekking fun and advanture  with snow   Dec-Jan is the best  time to  visit DalhousIe.